#15 RKT -- Resolved -- coverRESOLVED is the 15th book in Tanenbaum’s Butch Karp series, and the writer has done it again.

Resolved is a complex, suspenseful tale of justice in the Big Apple, as a vengeful and sadistic killer sets his sights on the man who put him away — New York Chief Assistant District Attorney Butch Karp.

The fifteenth installment in Robert K. Tanenbaum’s blistering New York Times bestselling series sees Karp up against one of his most frightening tests, and the stakes have never been higher. A convicted killer named Felix Tighe has escaped from prison and has vowed to hunt down and execute the NYPD detectives who arrested him years ago. But there’s more — Tighe’s also planning a fight to the death with Chief Assistant District Attorney Butch Karp, the man who put him away.

Felix Tighe’s laser-focused, obsessive hatred of Karp has simmered during his prison confinement, where he has spent time with Feisal Abdel Ridwan, a radical Islamic fundamentalist — and their sordid connection only fuels his loathing of Karp. Now, out of prison, with an assumed identity, and dangerously seeking payback, Felix stalks Karp to the very heart of his family as he plans a demonic assault on Karp’s daughter, Lucy.

Rippling with action, and full of Tanenbaum’s trademark twists and turns, Resolved is a must-read novel which roils with post 9-11 malevolence and searing New York scenes. As Karp faces his toughest assignment yet — and with his fearless and complex private detective wife Marlene Ciampi at his side — Resolved builds to an almost unbearable climax at Karp’s “office,” Manhattan’s central courthouse.

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Publisher’s Weekly

Even Tanenbaum’s diehard fans may have wished, over the course of his last few novels, that his famously tempestuous investigative duo–scrupulously honest homicide prosecutor Butch Karp and his wife, private detective-cum-vigilante Marlene Ciampi–would finally break up, if only in the interest of their poor children. In this 15th installment of the hugely popular series, that wish comes closer to fulfillment, and the family dramas are as fascinating as the criminal ones.

Set in the months following the explosive conclusion of its predecessor, Absolute Rage, the novel opens with Butch in the running for DA in New York City, while Marlene tries to live a quiet life raising attack dogs. Although teenage daughter Lucy still has those “conversations” with St. Teresa of Avila, she has grown a little weary of her fiercely guarded chastity. Twins Giancarlo and Zak (who obviously hears Columbine calling) idly speculate on whether their parents’ marriage is finally through.

On the legal front, a fishy cop-shooting and an unusual case of sexual assault…spark an investigation that leads the Karps to two baddies from previous books in the series: Arab militant Feisal ibn-Salemeh (from Reckless Endangerment) and homegrown psycho Felix Tighe (from Immoral Certainty), entwined in an intricate conspiracy to blow big holes in a post-9/11 New York.

There is the predictable big courtroom finale, and another showdown full of bullets and mayhem. The Tanenbaum standards are here, and fans won’t be disappointed. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Manhattan ADA Butch Karp returns in this fifteenth outing in Robert Tanenbaum’s popular series.  This time he’s the hunted as well as the hunter, and he’s being stalked by a man he sent to prison over a decade ago–a psychopath who supposedly died in prison. But Felix Tighe is very much alive, and now he’s the paid assassin of a group of Islamic fundamentalists whose terrorist goals will make 9/11 look like a training exercise. Tighe has his own violent score to settle with Karp, his estranged wife Marlene, and their three children–particularly Lucy, who’s no stranger to demons like Felix.
Tanenbaum’s plotting is confident and his pacing assured–he’s a master of the legal thriller, as good if not better than Grisham and his peers, and he works from an insider’s knowledge of Manhattan’s criminal justice milieu. But what makes this series remarkable is the author’s ability to keep his characters fresh and interesting by putting them in circumstances that reveal more of their emotional, spiritual and marital dimensions with every new adventure. Resolved is a terrific read. –Jane Adams


Throughout his astonishing run of successful Butch Karp-Marlene Ciampi mysteries, Tanenbaum has drawn on what appears to be an inexhaustible supply of fascinating family and jurisprudential issues to keep his highly original characters occupied. He is at it again here.
When terrorists enlist the help of vicious murderer Felix Tighe, who first appeared in Immoral Certainty (1997), college-age Lucy Karp winds up in danger. Meanwhile, angst-ridden, rage-filled Marlene, emerging from self-imposed exile, once again runs smack into Butch’s moral certitude about the law. The visceral action, ethical dilemmas, and courtroom dramatics are certainly all here. The plotting, however, is shakier than usual–the coincidences can’t be ignored–and Tanenbaum’s recycling of two psychopaths from previous books seems little more than a time-saver. … The action still sizzles, and the family relationships remain compelling. Stephanie Zvirin  Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved


Jonathan Kellerman:  ”Tanenbaum knows how to plot and pace, he writes dialogue that snaps, creates stories that need to be told.”