Reckless Endangerment
SKU: 9781453210307

A Jewish couple is assaulted and left for dead behind the counter of their deli, and anti-Israel graffiti is scrawled in Arabic above their bodies. Evidence points to a few clueless teens, but this seemingly open-and-shut case soon threatens to become a dangerous and divisive media circus.
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Irresistible Impulse
SKU: 9781453210260

Back as head of the district attorney’s homicide bureau, Butch Karp comes up against one of his most bizarre cases yet. A series of racially motivated murders in Harlem prove to be the work of a wealthy suburbanite out to relive a twisted episode from his childhood.
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Falsely Accused
SKU: 9781453210222

This time, famed prosecutor Butch Karp is on the side of the unjustly accused plaintiff when the Chief Medical Examiner of New York City is fired and accused of gross incompetence. Karp may be in private practice now, but he still knows the ins and outs of the New York City brass, and his investigation into the wrongful termination soon reveals rot that goes all the way to City Hall.
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Justice Denied
SKU: 9781453210147

A Turkish diplomat in New York City is gunned down in broad daylight, and all signs point to an ancient blood feud. The suspected gunman is Armenian. His alleged motive: to avenge the Turkish slaughter of Armenians generations before. But prosecutor Butch Karp has never accepted the easy answer, and he soon realizes the facts of this murder are more complicated than they seem.
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Corruption of Blood
SKU: 9781453210185

In a forgotten corner of the Georgetown library, New York prosecutor Butch Karp is about to commit a felony. He cracks the seal on a government file, in which he finds papers, a ledger, a reel of film, and a small jar that holds a chunk of human flesh. Just by looking at this material, he has broken the law. It’s the evidence he needs to prove the true identity of the man who killed Kennedy, and now that he has it, Karp is the most dangerous man in America.
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Material Witness
SKU: 9781453210109

When he goes undercover to bust mobsters who have infiltrated the sports world, Butch Karp glides effortlessly from the criminal courts he dominates as a prosecutor to the basketball court. Police have found the body of a pro basketball star in a car on the edge of the city, the glove compartment stuffed with cocaine.
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Reversible Error
SKU: 9781453210062

Assistant District Attorney Butch Karp is finally recognized for his heroic service to New York City when a group of politicians back him for the top job as Manhattan’s district attorney. But a series of cases involving vigilante murders begins to reveal the true motives of those civil servants standing by his side.
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Immoral Certainty
SKU: 9781453210024

He is the Bogeyman: a remorseless monster stalking the streets of New York in search of fresh victims—his chosen prey being children. The killings are ghastly enough to shock lawyer Butch Karp, who thought he’d already seen the absolute worst of humanity in his work.
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Depraved Indifference
SKU: 9781453209998

Butch Karp has never shied away from a difficult case, and when Croatian terrorists hijack a plane and kill an NYPD bomb squad cop in a bomb blast, he’s eager to prosecute the high-profile killers. But Karp’s aggression puts him at risk when his investigations uncover messy government secrets.
“An unforgettable novel of crime and punishment in New York City.”  —Publishers Weekly
“A novel full of whirlwind action . . . very good.” —The New York Times Book Review
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No Lesser Plea
SKU: 9781453209967

In Book One of the bestselling Butch Karp legal thriller series, Karp must stop a murderer who is manipulating the law to escape punishment.
“Tanenbaum has infused this book with a strong collection of characters, a raunchy energy that crackles in the out-of-office lawyer talk, and a basic sense of outrage at a system that is failing miserably.”  —Publishers Weekly
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