It's August 13th.  The latest Butch Karp, TRAGIC, is out today!

It’s August 13th. The latest Butch Karp, TRAGIC, is out today!

New York Times bestselling author Robert K. Tanenbaum takes legal suspense to dramatic new heights—when his hero, District Attorney Butch Karp, goes up against a ruthless union leader with too much power, too many secrets, and too many enemies to silence . . . or kill.


Prizefighter tough. Street-hustler smart. Pit-bull vicious. Longshoremen’s union leader Charlie Vitteli is like a cold-blooded villain straight out of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Busting heads on the docks of New York as a brash union organizer, taking no prisoners as the newest president of the North Ameri­can Brotherhood of Stevedores, Vitteli clawed his way to the top of the heap—and no one’s going to take him down now. Not if they value their lives.

Take Vince Carlotta, for instance. The union boss’s fiercest rival has accused Vitteli of embezzlement, election rigging, and other abuses—and even called him a crook at a union meeting. Now Carlotta is just another corpse on the waterfront—allegedly gunned down by an armed robber. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Vitteli is somehow involved. But proving it is another story.

Enter District Attorney Butch Karp and his wife, Marlene Ciampi. Drawn into the case by a friend who manages the East Village Women’s Shelter, Marlene speaks to the abused girlfriend of a man who may or may not have been hired to kill Carlotta. Marlene follows her lead to three different assassins contracted for the hit. But connecting them to Vitteli—and proving it in court—could be the death of anyone who tries . . . unless Karp can uncover the one tragic flaw that could bring down the curtain on this Shakespearean villain once and for all.

Packed with ingenious twists, diabolical turns, and shocking revelations, TRAGIC is Robert K. Tanenbaum at his page-turning best.


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ECHOES OF MY SOUL was the “Good Day Book Club Pick” on FOX-TV’s Good Day New York. The book will also be featured on the website.

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“Tanenbaum recreates the proceedings with a novelist’s sense of plotting… Tanenbaum’s take on the case, which was cited by the Supreme Court in its 1966 Miranda v. State of Arizona decision regarding self-incrimination, is a thrilling and insightful addition to the true crime genre.” – Publishers Weekly   

Dive into the full review, and get ready for the read of a lifetime. Robert K Tanenbaum

First inspired by the investigation chronicled in ECHOES OF MY SOUL, Tanenbaum’s tireless hunt for justice in law and politics  informs his writing, including the twenty-five novels in his bestselling Butch Karp series.

When asked what, of the books he has written, is his favorite, he answered, “Echoes of my Soul is my personal Torah. It is my system of belief in the law, my theory of justice.” Then he answered that his other favorites were all the books in the Butch Karp series along with his two other non-fiction books, Badge of the Assassin and The Piano Teacher.

Mr. Tanenbaum is a lucky man. He has two loves (besides his family) – his legal career and his writing career. And all have been very full. Robert K. Tanenbaum’s legal career is legendary. One of the most successful prosecuting attorneys, he never lost a felony trial and convicted hundreds of violent criminals as the homicide bureau chief for the New York D.A.’s Office.

He also served as Deputy Chief Counsel for the Congressional Committee investigation into the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. The New York Time’s bestselling author is a man full of life, stories, and love of justice.

“Tanenbaum is one lawyer who can write with the best of them.”—Joseph Wambaugh, New York Times bestselling author of Hollywood Hills

Echoes of My SoulEchoes Of My Soul

New York Times bestselling author and legendary criminal prosecutor Robert K. Tanenbaum provides the first insider’s account of the historic “Career Girls Murders” of 1963 with ECHOES OF MY SOUL.  This nonfiction thriller is about the courageous stand that forever changed the American justice system.

Tanenbaum chronicles one of the most intense manhunts of our time, from a brutal double-murder in August 1963 to the wrenching imprisonment of an innocent man, and the heroic Assistant District Attorney who risked everything to unravel a disgraceful injustice.

ECHOES  includes trial transcripts, never before published crime scene photos, and the input of his mentor, D.A. Mel Glass.

If ever asked to select one case in the history of our justice system that epitomized the Ministry of Justice in terms of tempestuous drama, personal anguish, garish confrontation, and, yes, divine intervention, I would unhesitatingly answer: Wylie-Hoffert,” explains Tanenbaum.

Considered to be the key reason for the Supreme Court’s enactment of the Miranda rights, the Wylie-Hoffert case continues to resonate strongly. ECHOES OF MY SOUL is also a tribute to Tanenbaum’s own mentors — Mel Glass, John Keenan, and D.A. Frank Hogan — without whom the real killer would never have been convicted, the unjustly accused George Whitmore Jr. would have been jailed for life, and we may never have gained the legal safeguards that protect us today.

Tanenbaum’s most personal book since he began his bestselling Butch Karp thriller series, ECHOES OF MY SOUL was written at the request of Mel Glass with his active involvement.

Advance Praise for ECHOES OF MY SOUL:

“The most powerful story of American justice in our time… Robert Tanenbaum knows this territory better than anyone, and tells a riveting tale of the man who is his hero, and one for all seasons.” — Linda Fairstein, New York Times bestselling author

“Because Echoes of My Soul captures so authentically well, in a microcosm, the entire criminal justice system in America, it is a strong candidate to become a true crime classic.”— Vincent Bugliosi, New York Times bestselling author of Helter Skelter

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