Echoes of My Soul
SKU: 9780786034932

“The most powerful story of American justice in our time… Robert Tanenbaum knows this territory better than anyone, and tells a riveting tale of the man who is his hero, and one for all seasons.” — Linda Fairstein, New York Times bestselling author

“Because Echoes of My Soul captures so authentically well, in a microcosm, the entire criminal justice system in America, it is a strong candidate to become a true crime classic.”—Vincent Bugliosi, New York Times bestselling author of Helter Skelter.
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The Piano Teacher
SKU: 9780743432993

"In 1974, Charles Yukl, a New York City clerk who dabbled in music and photography, murdered a female acquaintance in his apartment.  Yukl was on parole, having been convicted of a similar killing in 1966.  Tanenbaum, who coauthored Badge of the Assassin, was Yukl’s prosecutor… It will interest true crime buffs" Library Journey
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The Badge of the Assassin
SKU: 9780451167989

“Excellent, tautly written.” —  Los Angeles Times

“Artfully recreated.”  The Library Journal

“A thriller of a book!”  San Francisco Chronicle

“Engrossing….The incredible story of a hit squad sent to kill cops….The accounts of the two murder trials in New York…and an intervening chase down to a remote farm in Mississippi…are almost as suspenseful as the stalking and capture of the killers.” — The New York Times
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