Watch Mock Trial Video Series:
State of Texas v Lee Harvey Oswald 

Mock Trial Video Series: State of Texas v Lee Harvey Oswald from Critical Focus Pictures.

Citizens Against Political Assassinations presents:
State of TX v Lee Harvey Oswald Mock Trial Video Series

The courtroom drama that never had a chance to occur was held on Thursday, Nov. 16 and Friday, Nov. 17, 2017 at the South Texas College of Law Houston. . . . featuring world-renowned J.F.K. assassination experts. Fans of history and courtroom drama will be treated to an insightful and entertaining mock trial, in which a Harris County judge, prosecutors, and defense attorneys try the landmark case: State of Texas v. Lee Harvey Oswald using 21st-century techniques in front of Harris County jurors. 

The Video Series include:
01. Trial Opening, Prosecution Opening Statement: Gus Pappas
02. Witness Testimony: Lucien C. Haag
03. Defense Opening Statement: Robert K. Tanenbaum
04. Witness Testimony: Cyril Wecht
05. Witness Testimony: Donald Thomas
06. Witness Testimony: David W. Mantik
07. Witness Testimony: Michael Chesser
08. Witness Testimony: Gary Aguilar
09. Witness Testimony: Bill Simpichk
10. Witness Testimony: Cliff Spiegelman
11. Witness Testimony: Brian Edwards
12. Jury Deliberations via closed circuit
13. Judge's Instruction to Jury, Jury Verdict, Trial Closing
14. Jury Post-Verdict Discussion and Polling

Free Extras:
Ethics Panel 1- John T. Orr: Ethical Obligations of Prosecutor of New Post-Conviction Evidence
Ethics Panel 2 - Judge Jay T. Karahan: Michael Morton Discovery Act & Suspects in Custody: '63 & today