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“ONE HELL OF A WRITER” -- New York Post

“Butch Karp is the best fictional prosecuting attorney in literature. . . . Tanenbaum is a phenomenal attorney and a remarkable storyteller: It is almost unfair to the rest of us. . . . Riveting.” -- #1 New York Times bestselling author Mark Lane

“Butch [Karp] is doing his courtroom dance, making fools of the smug politicians he believes were behind the murder.  Tanenbaum shines in these positively balletic moments...[a] reliable thriller” -- Booklist

“Readers will find a well-constructed novel, including solid courtroom scenes. Prosecutor Butch Karp…is a talented and likable hero” -- Kirkus


"One hell of a “badass” novel" -- The Review Broads

"Infamy was a real treat to read. The pacing in the book was really good, and at times was even faster than the usual courtroom drama due to the author successfully blending of two thriller genres with elegance – legal thriller and political thriller. If you enjoy either of the two genres, you will really like this book" -- Mystery Sequels

"Infamy in fiction and real life. Tanenbaum’s investigative and trial instinct do not fail him" -- Conservative News and Views

"Fans of the suspense/thriller genre, especially those who enjoy legal thrillers, will enjoy this book" -- Mrs Read Books

"Robert K. Tanenbaum has a ‘day job’ that keeps him busy. He has worked for years as an attorney, prosecuting violent criminals and consulting on high profile cases. His insiders knowledge of the legal system and crime, help him craft fictional novels with realistic details" -- Sweeps for Bloggers

"Infamy is one of those books that you just cannot miss a word in. If you enjoy political intrigue, you’ll enjoy Infamy" -- In Our Spare Time

"Everything from the military aspect of this story, to the characters, the court room drama, and the ending was great. If you have never tried this author out now is the perfect time" -- Cheryl’s Book Nook

"Robert K. Tanenbaum is a master of the genre. Legal thriller, mystery, and plenty of suspense combine in Infamy for an exciting novel" --

"Infamy is Robert Tanenbaum at his absolute finest. A strong, blazing-fast plot, mindbending conspiracy, and a dynamic courtroom showdown make this one of this year’s must-read legal thrillers. Buckle up, because this is one wicked-fast ride!" -- The Real Book Spy

"The Courtroom Drama is Riveting in Robert K. Tanenbaum’s Infamy" -- Woman Around Town

"I really enjoyed not only the characters and the storyline but Tanenbaum’s writing. It’s fast-paced and hard to put down" -- Mystery Playground

"Infamy features intrigue, corruption, murder, power and dramatic court scenes with plenty of twists and turns to hold the reader’s interest. Although INFAMY is the 28TH book in the Karp series, it really stands on its own. Anyone who enjoys the legal thriller genre will like this book" -- Booking Mama

"Tanenbaum shows why he has been enjoying best-seller status throughout his long career. INFAMY has a little of everything and simply calling it a legal thriller does not do justice to the handful of genres this story touches on. A solid and timely read!" -- Good Reads

"The Biggest Murder Mystery Case of the Century" -- Fully Booked

"The novel’s courtroom scenes are excellent. Tanenbaum is a very experienced trial lawyer himself and the trial scenes are full of realism, particularly the way Karp methodically cross-examines the various defense witnesses" -- Above the Law

“It is in the courtroom scenes that Tanenbaum shines” -- The Cyber Librarian