Marlene Ciampi’s Relationship with Daughter Lucy

Marlene Ciampi and Daughter Lucy of the Butch Karp series have a typical mother and daughter relationship,

Mother and Daughter Equals Love + Sparks

I enjoy writing about the relationship between Marlene and their daughter, Lucy. And, it’s been great writing about it from the time Lucy was born until she becomes a young woman.

Okay, the daughter, Lucy, is different than other kids.  She’s a genius and having that sort of child is never going to be easy on either parent.  Where do you set the lines, what do you do?  Basically, no matter how smart a kid is, you want them to be normal.  You want them to have a normal life.

But, genius or not, a mother-daughter relationship is something with a lot of power.  When you have two smart females, with an independent streak in both mother and daughter, what are you going to have?  You’re going to have sparks flying all over the place.

The best place for the father or brothers is to get out of the line of fire!

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