12 -- RKT -- COUNTERPLAY -- coverTanenbaum’s 18th novel in the Butch Karp / Marlene Ciampi legal thrillers.  His last novel, Fury, ended with a breathtaking cliff-hanger.  The exciting conclusion, bursting with more suspenseful twists, continues with his latest, Counterplay.

Betrayal results in the cold-blooded murder of a busload of schoolchildren to aid in the custody escape of vicious sociopath Andrew Kane.  New York District Attorney Butch Karp finds himself embroiled in a raging quest for vengeance that could cost him, his family, and thousands of others their lives.With an intensive manhunt for the fugitive Kane, Karp and long-time colleague Ray Guma open a cold case and pursue murder charges against wealthy Manhattan power broker and banker, Emil Stavros, whose socialite wife disappeared nearly fifteen years earlier.
Meanwhile, Karp’s wife, Marlene Ciampi, has let her fascination with her husband’s lesser-known family of Russian gangsters pull her into a dangerous world of Islamic terrorists, Chechen rebels, and Russian agents.  All are engaged in nefarious events straight out of today’s  headlines.
Robert K. Tanenbaum writes a masterful thriller involving the most memorable page-turners with stories of corruption and courtroom confrontations. Counterplay proves to be another full-bodied, riveting read with yet another memorable cliff-hanger.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly

Thriller fans with a high tolerance for improbability will best appreciate Tanenbaum’s latest Butch Karp novel, which picks up where Fury (2005) left off.
The Manhattan DA has foiled psychopath Andrew Kane’s bid to become the mayor of New York City — Kane, the former head of a law firm, awaits trial for murder at the Tombs. When Kane’s attorneys seek their own psychiatric evaluation, they arrange for the high-risk prisoner to be examined at a private hospital upstate.
Few readers will be surprised when the convoy is waylaid, allowing the criminal mastermind to escape and plot a bigger crime. Having allied himself with al-Qaeda, Kane seeks to bring about a cataclysmic act of terror while getting revenge on Karp and his allies. Unconvincing character reactions don’t help the over-the-top plot, though the cliffhanger ending is sure to shock longtime followers of the series. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.


Picking up pretty much where Fury left off, this latest  Butch Karp mystery finds the New York district attorney targeted by an obsessive nutcase. Andrew Kane, the psychotic former mayoral candidate (his evil plans were thwarted by Butch in Fury), escapes from police custody and hooks up with a bunch of terrorists whose destructive plans for the city conveniently align with his own plans for revenge.
Meanwhile, Butch is coming up for reelection, and he is suddenly handed a murder case in which the accused is a high-profile citizen who also happens to be a muckety-muck in the opposing political party. Tanenbaum keeps the suspense level high, although some readers might want to see a little more of the Kane plot and a little less of the political story line — Kane is a very interesting villain, but he doesn’t get the screen time he deserves.

The book ends with a couple of enormous unresolved questions, which is good because readers will definitely leave the book wanting more. A former trial lawyer and homicide investigator for the New York District Attorney’s Office, Tanenbaum writes grittily realistic legal thrillers… David Pitt  Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved


“An exhilarating thriller…. A riveting ride.”  — Linda Fairstein