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Marlene Ciampi talks about her feelings about Butch Karp

What Marlene Ciampi Thinks about Butch Karp

Sometimes writers interview their characters, and sometimes they learn about them as they go along. Sometimes characters arrive full-blown, taken from the writer’s own life, and sometimes they are little clips from the lives of other people. Readers of the Butch Karp/Marlene Ciampi series like Marlene very much, especially women readers. I love Marlene myself. I thought you’d like […]

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IN the book ECHOES OF MY SOUL Mel Galss had the mind of a man that was as sharp as Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes and Mel Glass

Sherlock Holmes used to say if you have looked at everything, and you can’t figure out what you’re missing, look again at the obvious.  That’s not an exact quote…but it’s right along those lines.  My mentor, Mel Glass, had an incisive and penetrating mind that would have rivaled that of Sherlock Holmes. From the book, […]

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Having played sports makes a good legal team

Sports and the Law

Someone recently asked me why Butch only hires competitive athletes as prosecutors. I kind of got my back up, and said, “Butch doesn’t ONLY hire athletes.” Then I thought, “Well, he hires a lot of them.” First of all, competitive athletes learn to take knocks.  As a matter of fact, when you knock them down, […]

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Latest in the Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi mystery series.

TRAGIC: The Latest Butch and Marlene Book

I’m happy to announce that the latest book in the Butch Karp/Marlene Ciampi series, TRAGIC, will be released August 13th.  Actually, I am beyond happy.  I am thrilled.  Each book is a new ride populated with a different cast of characters. “In TRAGIC, District Attorney Butch Karp goes up against a ruthless union leader with […]

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The Way Butch Karp Loves Marlene Ciampi

Let me tell you how Butch loves Marlene… She is a delight everyday.  Looking at her face is to see the face of God. She is an angel. Butch loves her independence, her intellect, her fierce understanding of right and wrong. She has the ability to face evil and defeat it. She is one in […]

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Juviles should not be treated with the same legal questions as hardened criminals

It’s a Matter of Fairness

Evil does exist, and it must be confronted by people with pure hearts whose souls are intact.  And, the punishment must fit the crime. What we see, unfortunately, are people who use their political positions as stepping stones along the path of their career instead of acting as if they are working within a moral […]

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There are three signed copies of ECHOES on my SOUL by Writer RObert K. Tanenbaum going out today.

The Winners of Echoes of My Soul are…

  Three winners have been chosen to receive signed copies of ECHOES OF MY SOUL. Thank you, one and all, for sharing your words. There was no wrong or right answer to this question — which is perhaps the best kind of question. It allows us to explore our personal and cultural values, comfort levels, […]

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Robert K. Tanenbaum Talks about ECHOES OF MY SOUL with Connie Martinson

Writer Robert Tanenbaum and Connie Martinson Talk ECHOES on TV

      Robert Tanenbaum and Connie Martinson Talk Books – Click this magic link… Connie Martinson and I go way back.  She is a grand woman, a brain, gracious and has probably talked with every writer in the universe on her television show. Please enjoy the recorded video of our conversation about ECHOES OF MY SOUL. We had a […]

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Happy Bastille Day, France, From America!

Happy Bastille Day, France, the date of your independence! During our own Revolutionary War, which lasted from 1775 – 1783, you fought side-by-side with soldiers of the United States against Britain. France… You sent money, soldiers, munitions, and naval forces.  It is no stretch of the imagination to say that your aid was essential in […]

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The Golden Rule as Part of our Justice System

Law and the Golden Rule

If I could change one thing about our legal system, what would it be? Nothing. Our legal system is a thing of great beauty that’s tossed into a sludge hole. Our system has a non-negotiable soul.  It is the value system of the Golden Rule, of treating your neighbor the way you want to be […]

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