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The Insanity Defense

In Memoriam American Heroes Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield: The Insanity of the Insanity Defense By Robert K. Tanenbaum Presented with the tragic murders of American heroes, Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield, we, the People, are witnessing yet again another painful example of the “insanity” of the insanity defense. The demonic defendant, Eddie Ray Routh, […]

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American Exceptionalism

February 27, 2015 When asked whether he believes in America exceptionalism, President Obama responded, yes, just like the Brits and Greeks do about themselves.  Demonstrably, Mr. Obama misunderstands the historical and religious origins of this exceptionalist concept. For it is not a self-serving, ego-centric, arrogant construct rooted in a delusional sense of superiority. American exceptionalism’s […]

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