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Investigating the Assassination of JFK and MLK

Excerpt from the Interview with Robert K. Tanenbaum by the Journal-Standard, May 13, 2013: Question)  How did being a part of the Kennedy and King investigations affect you? Answer)  When I served as deputy chief counsel to the congressional committee investigation into the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr., I was astounded by the […]

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Welcome to the World, Echoes of my Soul

   WELCOME to the world, new non-fiction book, ECHOES OF MY SOUL. This is my Torah, my work, a book I’m excited and proud to announce. Very grateful to the main characters in this book — good people who were my mentors. People who stood up and took responsibility when it might have been easier […]

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A Memorial Day Thank You to All Our Heroes

 A Memorial Day Thank You to all the brave men and woman who are sometimes forgotten, including the Navajo Code Talkers.  They saved a tremendous number of lives during Iwo Jima. When I was a kid in Brooklyn, I asked my mother what all those gold stars were in people’s windows.  She told me that […]

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Some of My Favorite Books and Writers

I’m an attorney, a writer, a storyteller and I’m on something like my 10 millionth fiction book, TRAGIC.  It’s coming out in August. I love every fiction book I’ve written equally.  When someone asks you which one of your kids is your favorite, how could you possibly choose?  You can’t.  I have a great time […]

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How do we Recover our American Ethics and Roots?

  How do we learn about our American basics, our core values, our roots, and about American Exceptionalism?  We start teaching American history in schools again, and we don’t soft peddle it. We teach kids about real American heroes, and the amazing men and women who went through tremendous personal difficulties to put their ideals […]

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The Classic Formula for Tragedy

SCANDAL – Reprinted from the Beverly Hills Courier,  May 17, 2013 A classic formula for tragedy occurs when weak character combines with unbridled ambition. Too many in officialdom suffer from this character flaw malaise.  Tragedy then erupts into full blown scandal when, acting with no constraints on satisfying their desires and maintaining their power and privilege, […]

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One Person CAN Make a Difference

An interview with Robert K. Tanenbaum: Question:  Mr. Tanenbaum, in your new book, ECHOES OF MY SOUL, your dedication reads as follows: “ECHOES is dedicated to D.A. Frank Hogan and John Keenan—courageous souls who ran a Ministry of Justice reflecting the moral and spiritual essence of American exceptionalism.”    Tell us what you mean by […]

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We Need Problem Solvers

If we want to enhance the dignity of an office, we want to be open, candid, frank, problem-solvers.  We want to work together to create solutions.  — RKT

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Publisher’s Weekly ‘Pick of the Week’

ECHOES OF MY SOUL, Publisher’s Weekly Pick of the Week,  by Robert K. Tanenbaum “Tanenbaum recreates the proceedings with a novelist’s sense of plotting…. Tanenbaum’s take on the case, which was cited by the Supreme Court in its 1966 Miranda v. State of Arizona decision regarding self-incrimination, is a thrilling and insightful addition to the […]

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