Why the Tanenbaum Family Moved to California

Robert K. Tanenbaum moved West because he wanted his children to live a healthy life with no snow,

Sometimes Snow gets to be Too Much

I’d left the DA’s office and was working for a legal firm, a good one.

One night I came home from work.  I’d walked 1 1/2 miles from the train station to our house.  I was covered with snow, and I’d forgotten my house key. I knocked on the door.

My wife looks at me and laughs. She says, “Just stand there, let me look at you.” I said, “Do you want to move to L.A.?”  We talked a little, decided it was a good idea, and I was still standing there.  I said, “Can I come in now?”

I told my boss, and he couldn’t believe it.  He said I was giving up a great future, etc.

I said, “I’m the captain of my team (my family), and I’m a bad example. Working too many hours, it’s too damned cold to play outside, and we have no extended family here.”

So, I closed the cases I was working on, we moved to Beverly Hills, and I hung up a shingle. The kids grew up outside, which is what my wife and I wanted for them.  It was important to us.

When you want a new life, you don’t wait for it to come to you.  You decide what’s important, and you make it happen.

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