Welcome to the World, Echoes of my Soul


 WELCOME to the world, new non-fiction book, ECHOES OF MY SOUL.

This is my Torah, my work, a book I’m excited and proud to announce. Very grateful to the main characters in this book — good people who were my mentors. People who stood up and took responsibility when it might have been easier not to. Thank you, one and all!

My deepest appreciation to Mel Glass, a man of terrific integrity.  I’m hoping that Mel, from somewhere out there, knows that  his heroism and ethics have been chronicled.

Thank you, also, to the publishing support of Kensington Books and Bob Diforio.

Today is the publication date, and it’s available everywhere. Break out the champagne!

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3 Responses to Welcome to the World, Echoes of my Soul

  1. Gail Clough June 9, 2013 at 8:24 am #

    Echoes of My Soul is a great (and true) story. Echoes of My Soul is not only a tribute to our justice system, it is a tribute to the power of the human mind. Without the benefit of modern forensic technology, Attorney Mel Glass solved the mystery of the “Career Girl” murders using the power of his keen analytical mind and an eagle’s eye for detail. Like all great lawyers, Mr. Tanenbaum also has the eagle’s eye for detail and makes you feel like you are right there, back in time before BIC lighters, air conditioning, sonograms, computers and DNA testing, when everyone smoked, wore a hat and women still wore gloves — and there were no Miranda rights. The efforts of one man, Mel Glass, resulted in the abolition of the death penalty in New York state and the nationwide establishment of rights for detainees undergoing police interrogation. This is a spellbinding story about honesty, integrity, justice, American Exceptionalism and most of all, the search for the truth. It was hard to put down and I highly recommend it.

    • Meredith Blevins June 9, 2013 at 9:08 am #

      Gail, thank you so very much. What a terrific mind you have — I love your description of that era, too.

      Thank you so much for all the positive feedback. It makes the ECHOES tribute to Mel Glass feel very good indeed.

      All best to you — RKT

      • Gail Clough June 9, 2013 at 12:40 pm #

        Wow, thank you, Mr. Tanenbaum. You are helping us get back on track as true Americans with your wonderful books and your reminders about American Exceptionalism. We must all do our part, one person can indeed make a difference. I am a published writer, too, of non-fiction material, and try to follow your example of high standards and integrity in my work. Mel Glass’s eternal soul knows what you have done and is smiling on you from the timeless place beyond this one. Echoes of the Soul was thrilling, I will enjoy reading it again next week and in the years to come.


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