The Winners of Echoes of My Soul are…


There are three signed copies of ECHOES on my SOUL by Writer RObert K. Tanenbaum going out today.

There are three signed copies of ECHOES going out today. Thanks for participating!

Three winners have been chosen to receive signed copies of ECHOES OF MY SOUL.

Thank you, one and all, for sharing your words. There was no wrong or right answer to this question — which is perhaps the best kind of question. It allows us to explore our personal and cultural values, comfort levels, and to learn something about ourselves.

For myself, I’d be honest with the police – if you’re not a criminal and you simply want to help the justice system — that’s the best thing to do.   Do we have areas of the country where the moral fiber is stronger?  I would say, regrettably, yes, and so your own answer may be weighted by the circumstances of where you live.

The three winners, and their partial responses are:

Sandra Knight: “Miranda takes things to a whole new level. I’d tell the truth in any event because it’s all I’d have.”

Berna Barnum LaMonda: “Lawyer up, I know it may appear that you are hiding something, but, better to say nothing, and to confide in your attorney…[  ].. evidence can be manipulated by clever prosecutors.”

Shannon Martin: “I’d lawyer up right away… I would still share the truth, and make sure I could do anything to help the DA’s office/DA’s investigators to do their job to the best of my abilities. I would want to help in any way possible!”

Sandra, Berna, and Shannon — Thank you for considering how are justice system works in your own lives and sharing that with us.

Please send an e-mail, with the address we should send the book, to:

If your spouse or a friend wants to take a photo of you opening the book, reading it, dropping it in the bathtub…we’d love to post it on the site.

Thanks again for participating!

All best to you — RKT


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