Sports and the Law

Having played sports makes a good legal team

Sports and Legal Teamwork

Someone recently asked me why Butch only hires competitive athletes as prosecutors. I kind of got my back up, and said, “Butch doesn’t ONLY hire athletes.” Then I thought, “Well, he hires a lot of them.”

First of all, competitive athletes learn to take knocks.  As a matter of fact, when you knock them down, they only come back harder.

In the arena of court trials, you have a team concept.  You pay attention to the quarterback because they know everything. It’s street knowledge to have that credibility, and there is a fine interplay that’s not much different from any strong relationship.  In trial practice, when you’re the quarterback, you’re in charge, you handle a team, you know how that team and each player will respond, and you work harder than anyone else.

At a high level of athletics there is a fierce competitiveness.  Fear of defeat.  You do NOT want to lose.

It’s the same when you work in the legal system.  You study your opponents. If someone beat the justice system in the past, you study their moves, and you prepare for them. That’s the lonely part of the business because of the amount of time you put in.

And sports? Yes, it’s like a finely tuned legal machine. Sports builds character. My characters who were athletes are competitive as hell. They come back hard.  The objective is to win the game. They must perform.

I do believe an athletic background gives you the building blocks to be a team player.  And, I think it stimulates your brain.

I went to college on an athletic scholarship, basketball, and my son plays pro sports.  But, like Marlene’s mastiff, we’re very gentle, although large, within the sanctuary of our homes.  That’s where you lay it all down and let go of the competition.

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