Reversible Error

#25 -- RKT cover -- REVERSIBLE ERROR

REVERSIBLE ERROR is the fourth book in the bestselling Butch Karp legal thriller series.  In this fourth offering from master storyteller, Robert K. Tanenbaum,  Karp, Marlene, and a few honest cops must stand up to a hive of corrupt politicians.

Assistant District Attorney Butch Karp is finally recognized for his heroic service to New York City when a group of politicians back him for the top job as Manhattan’s district attorney. But a series of cases involving vigilante murders begins to reveal the true motives of those civil servants standing by his side.

It’s Karp versus the dirty city in one of Tanenbaum’s most revealing and caustic legal thrillers— a stunning indictment of civil corruption and overreach.

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Manhattan Assistant D.A. Butch Karp and his colorful crew return for their fourth 1970′s-set legal thriller. They run up against Gotham’s worst.  This engrossing story pits Karp and crew against a serial rapist and a murderous conspiracy reaching far into the halls of power.

Once again, Tanenbaum, now a Beverly Hills councilman, draws deeply on his own past tenure in Karp’s post.  The author traces with bedrock authenticity the A.D.A.’s internal conflicts as he is asked by a trusted cop to cover up an investigation into a rash of drug-dealer killings.  Is it the work of a vigilante cop whose exposure will tear apart the NYPD?

At the same time, Karp is wooed by a cabal of fat cats who’d like him to run for the post of D.A. Expertly counterpointed to Karp’s political tightroping is the suspenseful hunt for the killer, focusing on a trio of Harlem-based cops whose extralegal tactics, including simulated torture,  Tanenbaum describes with vibrant grit.  And in a major subplot rife with 70′s period detail and legalistic flourish, Karp’s pregnant fiance, Marlene Ciampi, goes after a smug serial rapist who graduates to murder.

Karp then learns that the cabal backing him for D.A. may be behind the killings, looking to score millions in drugs by eliminating their competition.  The cops begin to fear that their own lieutenant is the killer–until he’s kidnapped by the cabal; and Ciampi’s case takes a bizarre turn as a corrupt judge springs the rapist.

Can a series of Karp-engineered stings and a last- minute rescue attempt bring the scales of justice back into balance? You can smell the Big Apple starting to rot as Tanenbaum bores into its mealy core for another uncommonly intelligent legal and cop entertainment. — Copyright ©1992, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.


“You can smell the Big Apple starting to rot as Tanenbaum bores into its mealy core for another uncommonly intelligent legal/cop entertainment.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Reversible Error blends dirty politics, women’s rights, sadism, murder, and betrayal with skill and style.”  —Orlando Sentinel

“Sizzles and explodes . . . a gut-wrencher that takes Tanenbaum to the summit!”  —Booklist

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