Redemption and the Law



Delaney nodded and patted his wife on her knee.   “We can do that.”

As the couple got up to leave, Mel asked another question. “Jimmy, do you believe in redemption?”  You know, in taking advantage of a chance to make things right?”

Delaney furrowed his brow. “Yeah, I guess.”

“That’s good, because I believe in second chances, and I think that’s what you’ve got here.”

Nodding, Delaney said, “Yeah, I guess it is.”

When the Delaney’s were gone, Lappin turned to Glass, who was standing next to him, and asked, “So where do we go from here, Mel?”

Mel grinned and patted him on the shoulder. “Not to worry.  I have a plan.”

Simply pick up the book, ECHOES OFMY SOUL, proceed to Chapter 13, and you’ll find out what the plan was.  (Okay, that wasn’t quite fair, was it…?)

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