Reckless Endangerment



RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT is the tenth book of the bestselling Butch Karp legal thriller series.  In Reckless, Karp and family fight to stop terrorists and demagogues from splitting the city in two.
A Jewish couple is assaulted and left for dead behind the counter of their deli, and anti-Israel graffiti is scrawled in Arabic above their bodies. Evidence points to a few clueless teens, but this seemingly open-and-shut case soon threatens to become a dangerous and divisive media circus.
As rhetoric from Jewish and Muslim community leaders reaches fever pitch, prosecutor Butch Karp and his private investigator wife, Marlene, fight to keep the city from coming apart at the seams. And unless they move quickly, a handful of psychopaths could trigger all-out warfare.

Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly

Like a canvas by Bosch, the frenetic 10th installment in the popular Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi series (Irresistible Impulse, etc.) is all foreground, a three-ring circus of mayhem and mystery.
Here Tanenbaum pits Deputy DA Karp, his detective cronies Raney and Fulton and his security-expert wife, Marlene, against an amorphous army of Palestinians terrorizing New York. When Arab youths are implicated in the murders of two elderly Jews, Karp finds himself having to placate local Arab and Jewish leaders and at the same time convince the brass that the crimes point to a conspiracy.  Meanwhile, a Mexican hit man linked to two jailed drug dealers is threatening to shoot up the metropolis and murder Karp’s rival, Homicide Bureau head Roland Hrcany.
Back home, Marlene is caffeinating herself to delirium to balance work and family. Then the teenage sister of one of the Arab suspects, on the lam after stabbing a pimp, lands improbably in a shelter for battered women run by Marlene’s friend. Should Marlene inform Karp, or protect the girl?
As always, there’s much to cheer in Tanenbaum’s work: quirky characters, snappy cop-talk, even a slam-bang car chase through a Hasidic neighborhood in Brooklyn, and the rousing action resonates with deeper themes as Karp, a lapsed Jew, tentatively accepts his ethnicity… Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc.


“Hair-raising.” —People
“While the legal writing is as expert as ever, this book gets its punch from Tanenbaum’s knotted, tangled vision of Manhattan. ”  —The Washington Post Book World