Baseball and the Merit System


When my brother and I were kids, we couldn’t get enough baseball.  We were Brooklyn Kids, and Ebbets Field was where we were during baseball season.  Ebbets Field was a Major League park in the Flatbush section of New York.  It took up an entire city block, and it was home of the Brooklyn Dodgers — what a team.

My brother and I cleaned up gum wrappers, and I mean we went crazy doing it, because if you had ex-number of gum wrappers, you got to see a game for free.  We got enough wrappers for tickets for ourselves, and then we made a little money on the side by selling the rest.

Here is the thing:  When Jackie Robinson played, it was beautiful.  He was a great player.  Roy Campanella?  We loved those guys. The game was about baseball, about the perfect swing that makes a sound only a home run makes.

The merit system was on our minds. It was on a lot of American’s minds. Black, brown, white, who cares? Racism is inflicted by morons.

We do what we were told when we were kids:  Be smart, work well with other people, behave.  Don’t mouth off.  (Too much.) The merit system works in sports, it works in business, and it could work in government.

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