Butch, Does Marlene’s Work Scare You?



Q:  Butch, does Marlene’s work scare you?

Butch:  ”Are you kidding?  I’m scared to death.  But, it’s part of who she is, and she’s going to do it. She understands the risks, and she seeks out due justice.”

Q: You are adamant about the letter of the law. Sometimes it seems that Marlene flaunts the law, that she doesn’t give a damn about the law.  How do you deal with that?

Butch: “What Marlene does is deal with evil.  She doesn’t violate the law.  She may bend it a little — she’s directly involved in administering punishment. She has great magnetism. She defends those that are, in fact, defenseless.  Her feelings of protecting the defenselsess result in her activism. And, her acts all end being justified.”

“It doesn’t mean I’m not scared, she’s the person I love, and I understand her.  She’s an amazing woman. If you read NO LESSER PLEA, you understand how she started down her path, and when.”

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