Justice Denied

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Justice Denied is Book Seven of the bestselling Butch Karp legal thriller series.  In this novel, a diplomat’s murder reveals a world of genocide and retribution.
A Turkish diplomat in New York City is gunned down in broad daylight, and all signs point to an ancient blood feud. The suspected gunman is Armenian. His alleged motive: to avenge the Turkish slaughter of Armenians generations before.
But prosecutor Butch Karp has never accepted the easy answer, and he soon realizes the facts of this murder are more complicated than they seem. To close the case, Karp and his investigator wife, Marlene, must infiltrate a cross-section of New York society, while fending off crooks and madmen from every corner of the Big Apple and the world beyond.

Editorial Reviews

An Armenian radical is accused of murdering a Turkish diplomat as a New York City homicide chief and his wife try to find the real culprits. Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Library Journal

During World War I, 1.5 million Armenians were annihilated by the Turks. Turkey has never acknowledged this genocide, and history lightly dances around it. Herein lies the premise of Justice Denied. The tale begins with the assassination of a Turkish diplomat, apparently committed by Armenian terrorists, and the prompt arrest of a suspect. Enter Butch Karp, assistant district attorney and head of the homicide bureau.

Karp and wife Marlene, also an assistant D.A., make a most dynamic duo. Among the individual threads: she goes to a reception and receives a lecture on art theft; he discovers a million dollars in a safe deposit box; he gets a lesson on Eastern European history and the buying and selling of national treasures. These threads are tightly woven into a highly satisfying tale ultimately related to the novel’s opening events.  –Dawn L. Anderson, North Richland Hills P.L., Tex. Copyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc.


In Material Witness, Butch Karp, chief of the New York District Attorney’s Homicide Bureau, went undercover on a pro basketball team while pregnant wife Marlene Ciampi, head of the D.A.’s sex-crimes unit, rehabilitated the burnt-out cop Harry Bello, bearded drug lords in their dens, and she gave birth to daughter Lucy.  And, in Justice Denied, Karp pays for his glory days when a knee operation forces him to sack out alone at the office for weeks because he can’t climb the stairs at the couple’s SoHo loft.

Karp locks horns with friendly rival Roland Hrcany over the apparent assassination of a Turkish UN diplomat by two Armenian terrorists, and he prosecutes a down-on-his-luck purse snatcher for killing the yuppie princess through whom Marlene located good child care. Meanwhile, Marlene and Harry pursue the brutal murder of a Jane Doe in the East Village.  All the while they’re chasing down leads the police and Hrcany have ignored in the Turkish diplomat case. Tension between Karp’s steady, by-the-books rectitude and Ciampi’s edgy, whatever-it-takes intensity is central to the appeal of this series, but Tanenbaum also creates a gallery of lively portraits of cops and crooks, prosecutors and public defenders, victims and survivors of crime. Justice Denied will delight Tanenbaum fans. Mary Carroll

Kirkus Reviews

…. Justice Denied has unusually fleshed-out characters.

When a Turkish UN diplomat is murdered, an Armenian nationalist, quite possibly a member of the Armenian Secret Army taking credit for the killing, is quickly tracked down and fits the suspect profile perfectly–so perfectly in fact that Karp doubts his guilt. Meanwhile, Ciampi is trying to track down a killer who left tooth marks on a woman’s body either before or after raping her and then tossed her from a window. Readers who are not familiar with Tanenbaum’s previous books may have some trouble locating themselves here…

As usual, however, Tanenbaum gets all the details of investigative work and Manhattan exactly right. For example, Karp has a computer at his disposal but prefers to keep track of the cases under his jurisdiction by drawing charts by hand. On the personal side, the owner of Karp and Ciampi’s loft has decided to take their building co-op and is asking an exorbitant sum, and Karp’s knee is still hurting from his stint as a basketball player in a previous investigation, forcing him to sleep in his office until Ciampi comes up with an ingenious solution for hauling him up to their elevatorless home.  Copyright ©1994, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.


“Tanenbaum’s experience as a New York City district attorney serve him well in this gritty tale of intrigue.” —Chicago Tribune “Realistic . . . violent . . . great. ”  —Joseph Wambaugh

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