Investigating the Assassination of JFK and MLK


Excerpt from the Interview with Robert K. Tanenbaum by the Journal-Standard, May 13, 2013:

Question)  How did being a part of the Kennedy and King investigations affect you?

Answer)  When I served as deputy chief counsel to the congressional committee investigation into the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr., I was astounded by the incompleteness and lack of professionalism of the Warren Commission effort.  The federal executive intelligence agencies responsible for the investigation had their own agendas that regrettably conflicted with the search for truth.

Having been trained in the DAO of legendary D.A. Frank Hogan, I was undeterred by those who sought to influence the investigation by applying political pressures or other considerations that were anathema to the search for truth.  Ultimately, when the committee actively compromised the integrity of the probe, I tendered my resignation.  The committee members’ political crassness and timidity breached their duty to inform the American people about the truth.

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