How Tran Fits into Marlene and Butch’s Life


Ex-Viet Cong Assassin, Tran, is 100% loyal to the Karp family

Tran is in the Shadows, and in the Karp’s Lives. Both.

Tran was a Viet Cong assassin who got out of Nam and came to America.  He is 100% loyal to the Karps, and particularly Marlene and Lucy.

Some people have asked me why and how I chose Tran, a former VC guerilla, as a character.  I’ll tell you why.  I wanted to humanize an individual that had lived through a terrible experience in his own homeland.

People who are protecting their country have a different focus on who their enemy is. We need to understand the suffering Tran endured, the terrible regime he lived under, and how it feels to live in a war zone.

There are colorations in Tran.  Shades of gray.  He skirts immigration.  Through him we see both sides.

With Marlene?  Tran understands what she is doing.  She is carrying out justice, which is something that has been rare in his life.  He is on the sidelines, but the Karps are his family.


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