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HOAX is the 16th novel in the best-selling Butch Karp series.

The shooting death of a rap mogul is the first link in a sinister chain ensnaring New York District Attorney Butch Karp. With his wife and daughter on a New Mexico retreat, Karp is left to fend for his teenaged sons and himself.
Descending into the hip-hop underworld to prosecute a killer, Karp comes head-to-head with Andrew Kane, a powerful would-be mayor whose corrupt web of influence leads Karp to unveil a shocking church sex-abuse scandal. In a world where secrets can be buried for an often-deadly price, Karp discovers there is no safe haven.

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Publishers Weekly

One sure way to engage reader sympathy in a crime novel is to involve the hero’s family.  In Roger “Butch” Karp’s 15 earlier adventures (Resolved; Absolute Rage; etc.), the DA’s family has paid dearly for this inclusion. Wife Marlene is disfigured from a letter bomb, 11-year-old son Giancarlo has been blinded by a would-be assassin, and daughter, Lucy, was abducted twice.

“His entire family seemed to attract danger as picnics did ants.” Marlene is attending a Taos art therapy school, healing the psychic toll of dispensing vigilante justice and thwarting terrorists. Lucy is there, too, leaving dad behind to battle “evil incarnate” in the form of Andrew Kane, a sociopath running for mayor of New York. Kane’s pursuits include insider trading, drugs, prostitution, money laundering, arms sales and extortion.

Characters include a killer priest, corrupt policemen, a gallant American-Indian cop and mole people who crawl out of the city’s sewers to haunt the night, among others. Tanenbaum keeps all these balls in the air while lecturing on the evils of racism, the plight of the modern Indian, the value of honor, the evils of gangsta rap and much, much more. It is by turns boring, insightful, pedestrian, silly, maudlin, exhausting and exciting.  Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc.


As Tanenbaum’s fans know, there’s nothing simple about a Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi thriller. The action always unfolds slowly and deliberately, cleverly planned to the last detail, and the richly drawn protagonists constantly struggle with thought-provoking, hugely complicated questions about morality, faith, and family.

This sixteenth in the popular series is a bit more philosophical than most, despite drawing its impetus from a scandal picked right from the headlines. The vicious murder of a West Coast rapper sets things in motion, unleashing a white-hot cascade of events that expose violence, greed, and corruption not only at the NYPD and the DA’s office but also at the city’s Catholic archdiocese.

Tanenbaum smoothly reprises events of the previous two books as he relentlessly builds suspense and gets ever closer to the hearts and minds of his singular characters. Will Butch “lose his soul on the altar of politics” by running for district attorney? Will Marlene forgive herself and return to her family? Can Lucy overcome the memory of the man who raped her? Stephanie Zvirin, Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved


“Relentlessly builds suspense…cleverly planned to the last detail.”  –  Booklist

“One of the most authentic voices in American crime fiction, Tanenbaum takes us on another turbocharged ride down mean streets, with characters we’ve come to love. Hoax is a brilliantly plotted thriller with enough twists and turns to live up to its name and enough heart-stopping action to keep you turning pages through the night.” — Linda Fairstein, author of Final Jeopardy, Likely to Die, and The Kill.

“Tanenbaum’s best Butch Karp thriller yet — and that’s no “hoax.” His knowledge of the criminal justice system and forensic science is unequalled.  Brilliantly written.” — Dr. Michael M. Baden, Forensic Pathologist and former Chief Medical Examiner for the City of New York

“Using his previous experience as the top homicide prosecutor in the Manhattan DA’s office, Tanenbaum, a master of mystery fiction, brings us Hoax, a suspenseful, action-packed thriller.” — Vincent Bugliosi, former Los Angeles District Attorney and author of Helter Skelter and the acclaimed And the Sea Will Tell.

“So intimate a look into the heart of evil, HOAX seems more fact than fiction. Through a series of heinous murders, tawdry relationships, and internal corruptions, Tanenbaum delivers a devastatingly honest portrait of a legal system gone awry and the brave few who fight for justice.” – Catherine Crier, former judge, Court TV host, and bestselling author of The Case Against Lawyers

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