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IN the book ECHOES OF MY SOUL Mel Galss had the mind of a man that was as sharp as Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes and Mel Glass

Sherlock Holmes used to say if you have looked at everything, and you can’t figure out what you’re missing, look again at the obvious.  That’s not an exact quote…but it’s right along those lines.  My mentor, Mel Glass, had an incisive and penetrating mind that would have rivaled that of Sherlock Holmes. From the book, […]

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There are three signed copies of ECHOES on my SOUL by Writer RObert K. Tanenbaum going out today.

The Winners of Echoes of My Soul are…

  Three winners have been chosen to receive signed copies of ECHOES OF MY SOUL. Thank you, one and all, for sharing your words. There was no wrong or right answer to this question — which is perhaps the best kind of question. It allows us to explore our personal and cultural values, comfort levels, […]

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Robert Tanenbaum and LOinda Fairstein at bookseigning for Tanenbaum's book, ECHOES OF MY SOUL

Signing Books with Linda Fairstein for You!

How to win a signed copy of ECHOES OF MY SOUL – the details: My question for you:  If you were questioned by the police, and had your Miranda rights read to you, would you lawyer up immediately, or, knowing that you were innocent, would you simply tell the truth?  WHY? Give us your words, a […]

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Another Cliffhanger from Author Tanenbaum

From Echoes of my Soul: “Hold on just a minute,” Hogan interrupted.  “Mel, as I said to you before, you’re suggesting that the Brooklyn cops unwittingly–in the most favorable light–fed George Whitmore all the answers during the interrogation because of the leading nature of the questions they propounded. “Okay–assuming that to be the case–why does […]

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Redemption and the Law

From  ECHOES OF MY SOUL: Delaney nodded and patted his wife on her knee.   “We can do that.” As the couple got up to leave, Mel asked another question. “Jimmy, do you believe in redemption?”  You know, in taking advantage of a chance to make things right?” Delaney furrowed his brow. “Yeah, I guess.” “That’s […]

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It’s an Exciting Time for the Tanenbaums

 Lots of excitement around here! ECHOES OF MY SOUL will be the “Good Day Book Club Pick” on FOX-TV’s Good Day New York.  The book will also be featured on the website, and yours truly will be interviewed on the show June 4, 2013. Good Day New York is the second highest-rated morning show […]

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Tune in for Mr. Robert Tanenbaum this Week!

Publisher’s Weekly announced that, beginning June 3rd and ending June 7th, Robert K. Tanenbaum will be on the air for your listening pleasure and, we have to say, amazement.  Nothing is quite like listening to Robert K. Tanenbaum, attorney and author. Master of the legal thriller novel, Tanenbaum will visit the InSight studio to discuss his new true […]

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