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There are three signed copies of ECHOES on my SOUL by Writer RObert K. Tanenbaum going out today.

The Winners of Echoes of My Soul are…

  Three winners have been chosen to receive signed copies of ECHOES OF MY SOUL. Thank you, one and all, for sharing your words. There was no wrong or right answer to this question — which is perhaps the best kind of question. It allows us to explore our personal and cultural values, comfort levels, […]

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Robert Tanenbaum and LOinda Fairstein at bookseigning for Tanenbaum's book, ECHOES OF MY SOUL

Signing Books with Linda Fairstein for You!

How to win a signed copy of ECHOES OF MY SOUL – the details: My question for you:  If you were questioned by the police, and had your Miranda rights read to you, would you lawyer up immediately, or, knowing that you were innocent, would you simply tell the truth?  WHY? Give us your words, a […]

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Publisher’s Weekly ‘Pick of the Week’

ECHOES OF MY SOUL, Publisher’s Weekly Pick of the Week,  by Robert K. Tanenbaum “Tanenbaum recreates the proceedings with a novelist’s sense of plotting…. Tanenbaum’s take on the case, which was cited by the Supreme Court in its 1966 Miranda v. State of Arizona decision regarding self-incrimination, is a thrilling and insightful addition to the […]

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The Injustice of a Rush to Judgment

MY OPINION – A CRITIQUE:  The Injustice of a Rush to Judgment. The Central Park Jogger Case On December 19, 2002 a colossal injustice occurred when then Manhattan District Attorney Morgenthau consented to the Central Park jogger five defendants’ motion to vacate their convictions.  During the trials of these five defendants, the Manhattan D.A. was […]

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Your Miranda Rights Are More Than TV Action

 Lots of us like watching television shows that involve our justice system, and we read books that are legal thrillers. Tanenbaum books fly off the shelves, real or virtual, as soon as they are released.  We like this legal stuff. So, we may think we’re pretty savvy about the law, and we probably do know […]

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