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Sitting on the Witness stand in Federal Court

On the Witness Stand with Butch Karp

An excerpt from Tanenbaum’s book, TRAGIC – On the Witness Stand: “You just had a hard time believing it so you dismissed it?” Karp asked. “That’s right.” “Did you tell anybody about this alleged conversation with Vince Carlotta after he was murdered and police were looking for suspects?” Rubio’s eye flicked over to Kowalski and […]

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Butch Karp and the American Justice System

Karp’s Sense of Justice

  Justice is looking at both sides of what’s happening in a situation. Look at the facts. Be as firm and resolute as possible with the real bad actors, the violent criminals, the manipulators. With those who are young and/or have experienced terrible oppression, your charcter and manner must be tempered with a sensitivity and […]

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Ex-Viet Cong Assassin, Tran, is 100% loyal to the Karp family

How Tran Fits into Marlene and Butch’s Life

  Tran was a Viet Cong assassin who got out of Nam and came to America.  He is 100% loyal to the Karps, and particularly Marlene and Lucy. Some people have asked me why and how I chose Tran, a former VC guerilla, as a character.  I’ll tell you why.  I wanted to humanize an […]

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Dogs love and devotions is very touching

A Dog’s Love is a Thing of Beauty

Marlene’s dog is beautiful.  So are non-fictional dogs. Dogs are wonderful creatures.  They’re very understanding, and they know how to read people.  A dog calms people and nurtures the family, those people who love them. When they rub against you, you can feel that they are part of the balance in nature that is about kindness.  And, their […]

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Marlene Ciampi and Daughter Lucy of the Butch Karp series have a typical mother and daughter relationship,

Marlene Ciampi’s Relationship with Daughter Lucy

I enjoy writing about the relationship between Marlene and their daughter, Lucy. And, it’s been great writing about it from the time Lucy was born until she becomes a young woman. Okay, the daughter, Lucy, is different than other kids.  She’s a genius and having that sort of child is never going to be easy […]

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Why the Tanenbaum Family Moved to California

I’d left the DA’s office and was working for a legal firm, a good one. One night I came home from work.  I’d walked 1 1/2 miles from the train station to our house.  I was covered with snow, and I’d forgotten my house key. I knocked on the door. My wife looks at me and […]

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The 25th Butch Karp and Marle Ciampi series find them fighting dockworkers and organized crime.

The Karps Meet Crime Head-on in the Spellbinding Book, TRAGIC

TRAGIC  will take readers for a gripping ride this summer alongside famed New York District Attorney Butch Karp.  Prizefighter tough.  Street-hustler smart.  Pit-bull vicious.  Longshoreman’s union leader Charlie Vitteli is like a cold-blooded villain straight out of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Busting heads on the docks of New York as a brash union organizer, taking no prisoners […]

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New Baby on its Way

The New Baby is on it’s way into the world, and the Tanenbaum family couldn’t be happier! Click here for the video.

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Who Liked the Book TRAGIC and Why

So, first I tell you who liked the book TRAGIC, and why. Next time around?  Exactly what TRAGIC is about so you can decide if it will be a good read for you.  I hope so!  Writing it was a terrific experience. Here’s some advanced praise for TRAGIC, other otherwise known as reviews!: “A meaty […]

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The 25th book in the Butch Karp/Marlene Ciampi series of Legal Thrillers

Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Tanenbaum’s Book TRAGIC

TRAGIC could easily fit on the framework of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, Macbeth.  It’s the timeless story of how the wheels of destiny start moving when greed meets unbridled ambition. We are attracted to this story because it is at once a lesson, a moral, and something so familiar that it rings true and terrible to our […]

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