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Marlene Ciampi talks about her feelings about Butch Karp

What Marlene Ciampi Thinks about Butch Karp

Sometimes writers interview their characters, and sometimes they learn about them as they go along. Sometimes characters arrive full-blown, taken from the writer’s own life, and sometimes they are little clips from the lives of other people. Readers of the Butch Karp/Marlene Ciampi series like Marlene very much, especially women readers. I love Marlene myself. I thought you’d like […]

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The Way Butch Karp Loves Marlene Ciampi

Let me tell you how Butch loves Marlene… She is a delight everyday.  Looking at her face is to see the face of God. She is an angel. Butch loves her independence, her intellect, her fierce understanding of right and wrong. She has the ability to face evil and defeat it. She is one in […]

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The Injustice of a Rush to Judgment

MY OPINION – A CRITIQUE:  The Injustice of a Rush to Judgment. The Central Park Jogger Case On December 19, 2002 a colossal injustice occurred when then Manhattan District Attorney Morgenthau consented to the Central Park jogger five defendants’ motion to vacate their convictions.  During the trials of these five defendants, the Manhattan D.A. was […]

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Your Miranda Rights Are More Than TV Action

 Lots of us like watching television shows that involve our justice system, and we read books that are legal thrillers. Tanenbaum books fly off the shelves, real or virtual, as soon as they are released.  We like this legal stuff. So, we may think we’re pretty savvy about the law, and we probably do know […]

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Butch Karp’s Vibrant New York Neighborhood

No doubt about it, Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi’s New York City neighborhood, SoHo, reflects the relationship Robert Tanenbaum has created for them – vibrant and dicey.  It suits Butch and Marlene to a tee. Soho, which stands for South of Houston Street, is a perfect example of how neighborhoods change over time, as do […]

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