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The hero of A Scent of a Woman tells us our values in Charlie's coourt scene

The Scent of our Core Values

Want to see a terrific movie?  Rent The Scent of a Woman.  If you’ve already seen it, see it again. The speech Al Pacino gives at the kid’s hearing, Charlie’s hearing, before the school board is what America is about. The character Pacino plays, says, “You don’t want to kick Charlie out. NO!  He’ll make […]

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Redemption and the Law

From  ECHOES OF MY SOUL: Delaney nodded and patted his wife on her knee.   “We can do that.” As the couple got up to leave, Mel asked another question. “Jimmy, do you believe in redemption?”  You know, in taking advantage of a chance to make things right?” Delaney furrowed his brow. “Yeah, I guess.” “That’s […]

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What about Moral Relativism and the Law?

  Interview with Mr. Tanenbaum: In ECHOES OF MY SOUL, Hogan says: “As Chief law enforcement officer, I believe there is a major moral dimension to our job.”  Hogan believes, foremost, in justice.  Mr. Tanenbaum, do you think our view of justice has changed over time?  And is the feeling of moral dimension different in large […]

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Welcome to the World, Echoes of my Soul

   WELCOME to the world, new non-fiction book, ECHOES OF MY SOUL. This is my Torah, my work, a book I’m excited and proud to announce. Very grateful to the main characters in this book — good people who were my mentors. People who stood up and took responsibility when it might have been easier […]

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