Butch Karp’s Marriage of Catholicism and Judaism

Israel churchInterview with Butch Karp:

Q: “Butch, you’re a Jew.  How do you reconcile your own beliefs with those of your wife, Marlene?”

A: “Easy.  Jesus of Nazareth was a learned rabbi, the rabbi from Nazareth.  And, as the Romans called him, The King of the Jews.  They gave him a crown of thorns to wear to mock him as that king.

“If everyone believed in the words and followed the actions of the rabbi of Nazareth, the world would be a truly wonderful place.”

 An added answer from Robert Tanenbaum:

“And here, let me say, most of mentors, extraordinary men of ethcs and values, were Jesuits.  I see no problem between the religions.  Butch doesn’t either.”

Thanks, Butch and Bob!






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