Butch Karp Series


Tragic, Tanenbaum’s 25th book in the Butch Karp/Marlene Ciampi series of legal thrillers, will be released the end of summer, 2013.

This, as any writer (or reader) will agree, is a huge accomplishment.  Writing one or two books is no cake-walk, but a series written over decades?  It is a monumental feat.

Unique to the Butch Karp/Marlene Ciampi series is their growth over time.  One book does not happen in pretend time, a few weeks or a few months after the last Karp book hit the bookstore shelves.  Tanenbaum’s novels have grown organically as the author’s personal and professional life has grown and changed.

We begin with Karp as a single man who meets a woman who is a spitfire and a hurricane.  How could any man keep from falling in love with Marlene?  Not Butch; they marry.  Over the decades Butch and Marlene, both attorneys, work in the District Attorney’s office, Karp as head of the Homicide unit and Ciampi as head of the sex crime unit.  Karp’s professional life keeps him rising through the justice system while Marlene decides she’s had it and starts her own private business, protecting threatened and abused women.

During this time they have a daughter, Lucy (with an amazing gift for languages), and twin boys.  The stakes in every case rise as Karp’s public profile and Marlene’s willingness to deal with unknown, dangerous forces grow.  Karp loves what Marlene is doing, but she crosses the borders whenever she wants to, and he’s terrified that she’ll get killed or he’ll have to arrest her.  Their relationship, which is storms on high seas, is the underlying buzz in the books.
Every book is loosely based on cases that Tanenbaum worked on or that came across his desk during his real professional career that mirrors Karp’s.  (Please read, “About the Author.”)
Tanenbaum’s series is truly a gem, with each novel reflecting our notion of justice and the lengths we must go to in order to protect ourselves,  our families, and our freedom.