Another Cliffhanger from Author Tanenbaum

Career Girls MurderFrom Echoes of my Soul:

“Hold on just a minute,” Hogan interrupted.  “Mel, as I said to you before, you’re suggesting that the Brooklyn cops unwittingly–in the most favorable light–fed George Whitmore all the answers during the interrogation because of the leading nature of the questions they propounded.

“Okay–assuming that to be the case–why does Whitmore go along with the program and confess?”

“Yes,” Mel answered, nodding at Hogan.  “I believe that’s a real possibility, especially because they asked generally for ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers.  But there’s another reason for my concern, which directly answers your question.”

Mel paused, scanning both Yeargin and Hermin, who appeared fully engaged in what he was saying.  He was prepared to offer a rational explanation for Whitmore’s irrational cooperation.

“Given the length of time Whitmore was interrogated,” Mel continued, gesticulating with his right hand outstretched, “from about eight a.m. or so to four in the morning the next day, and the leading nature of the questions hammered at him, I decided to check with a doctor I happen to know at Bellevue, where George Whitmore’s been under scrutiny for the past couple of months.  Turns out—”


What can we say?  Dive into Chapter 7.  Enter the ECHOES giveaway.  Go to the library.  The story is all right there, and every word of it is true.


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