The Beauty of a Jury

The Jury Box

Juries need competent DAs who explain the case in a competent form. The people on juries aren’t out to railroad anyone. It’s the evidence, the presentation, the summation, the delivery.  Jurors are ready to believe what is true.

Here, the true story of what the jury struggled with in the case covered in Echoes of my Soul:

“As the trial of Ricky Robles entered the fourth week of testimony, it was becoming increasingly clear to knowledgeable spectators how unique the proceedings were in the annals of the New York District Attorney Office.

“Here was a prosecution team having to admit that their vaunted Homicide Bureau had made a grievous mistake in indicting George Whitmore, Jr., and then ask the jurors to look at the evidence and believe that the prosecutors now had the right man, Richard Robles. And here was the defense out to show that Robles was no better a suspect than Whitmore had been, and, in a strange twist, that the New York DAO didn’t make mistakes.

“Perhaps the most singular irony was the role reversal between the two sides when Mack Dollinger began calling to the stand the Brooklyn detectives and brass involved in the interrogation and arrest of George Whitmore Jr.  Now it was the defense attorney’s mission to convince the jury of the professionalism, dedication and abilities of men he traditionally would have been at odds with in a trial…”

It’s an example of our justice system at work when good people admit their mistakes, and take responsibility for their actions.

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