It’s a Matter of Fairness

Juviles should not be treated with the same legal questions as hardened criminals

With Juveniles, there is a Chance of Redemption

Evil does exist, and it must be confronted by people with pure hearts whose souls are intact.  And, the punishment must fit the crime.

What we see, unfortunately, are people who use their political positions as stepping stones along the path of their career instead of acting as if they are working within a moral system.

With a 16-year-old there is the possibility of redemption.  We must take that into account.  Then there are the other cases, those we used to mark NO LESSER PLEA.  Crimes such as home invasion escalate into other kinds of crime.  In these cases I believe in no plea bargaining.  Each defendant must be analyzed as an individual.

This also holds true of setting bail. A rich guy is going to flee, you set the bail high.  And the higher you set the bail, the faster you want to try that case.

I believe in arraigning people 7 days/week, in getting them to a judge, in due process.  I believe in fairness.  This is, again, American Exceptionalism.  It is not American superiority.  It is about who we are as a people.  We are moral people, or should be, who have institutionalized virtue. We are not people who punish juveniles as if they were adults.

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