TRAP (Simon & Schuster/Gallery, 2015)



“This story has a lot to like…Karp is rock-solid as both prosecutor and as person…The pace is fast, the courtroom scenes make you feel like you’re there, and the ending satisfies…This is an enjoyable tale of good vs. evil and the importance of knowing who you are.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Tightly written and plotted” – Booklist

A tremendous blast rocks an established town eatery during a book-signing event that features the director and inspirational leading advocate of New York charter schools, killing three and wounding others. A neo-Nazi is the prime suspect, but the evidence leads Karp in another direction. The treacherous teachers union president has long been furious at the unqualified successes of the charter school movement in New York City, which threatens to expose his corrupt practices. The homicidal schemers fall into the trap of thinking that they can manipulate and misappropriate union funds, and even commit murder with impunity, given the power and influence that they purchased with their union dues. But is there another motive behind the attack that could derail the case? How will Karp discover the setup, and can he do so in time to bring justice to the murdered and maimed? It all ends in the kind of dramatic courtroom showdown that is New York Times bestselling author, Robert K. Tanenbaum, at his very best.